Once a year you may be asked to certify or test the backflow prevention device that is installed on your property or inside your building.  These test demands may be issued by your local water authority, your municipal government, or your county health department.  Backflow tests are mandated by these agencies to keep our water safe in accordance with the guidance parameters set by the EPA.

Cross-connection and backflow prevention programs protect our water supply from contamination that may occur once the water has moved from the public supply into a private facility.

Who can require my to test my backflow device?

Backflow tests can be demanded by whichever agency has jurisdiction over your local water, like a municipality or a local water district, or a local operator like a water authority.  Additionally, health departments having jurisdiction may require backflow certification in businesses wherein a backflow situation could have an immediate effect on the public health - like in a restaurant.


How often do my Backflow Devices need to be tested?

Each authority having jurisdiction may require a backflow test whenever they feel it is necessary for the protection of the public water supply.  Generally, most authorities require a test of each backflow prevention device once each year.

Who is qualified to perform my backflow test?

Backflow prevention professionals are required to undergo a thorough education about water safety.  Additionally, backflow testers must be certified by a cross-connection authority such as the ABPA, ASSE or AWWA.  Localities and water authorities may also require additional certification for testing in their jurisdiction.  All testers must update their certification every two to three years.  Your water authority will usually include a list of certified testers who are approved to test in your area with its demand for certification.  Martin Fire and Backflow Testers have current certifications, and are continually upgrading their education to stay current in the fields of cross-connection and backflow prevention.

What if my backflow prevention device fails it's test?

Backflow prevention assemblies are mechanical devices that spend 100% of their time submerged in water.  Eventually, the mechanical parts of every backflow device will need to be repaired and/or replaced.  Because the quality of water varies by water district, some backflow devices may be subject to increased levels of minerals, which can leave deposits on the internal components of a backflow device and drastically reduce its life span.  If your backflow device fails its test, you can rely on Martin Fire and Backflow to repair it quickly and accurately, keeping your water flowing and keeping your business operational.