Backflow prevention device testing is an integral part of the system with which we keep our water safe.  At the point where public water is delivered to a water customer and becomes private water, we install backflow prevention devices to keep the flow of water moving in just one direction.  Private water, which may have been altered, treated or contaminated, can never be allowed to return back through the pipes to contaminate public water supply.

Backflow prevention devices keep this reverse flow of contaminated water from occurring.  These backflow devices require a test of their correct operation once a year (at least) to ensure that they are continuously working to protect our water. 

I Received a Demand for Backflow Testing... Now What?

You've received a notice from your local water authority that is requesting a backflow test.  Whether it's for your municipality, the health department or another authority having jurisdiction over your water, this notice demands that your backflow prevention device be tested and receive a passing test result.  Backflow testing can only be performed by a certified backflow tester.

What Happens if I Don't Have My Backflow Device Tested?

If you don't respond to the demand for backflow testing, your water service will ultimately be suspended.  After your first notice, you will generally have 30 days to have your device tested.  In most jurisdictions, you will have 15 days after your second notice to schedule your backflow testing.  Your third notice is usually your final notice, and it advises you that you have 5 days to have your device tested before your water service is shut off.  Don't wait until the last moment to schedule your backflow testing.

What Sould I Expect When My Backflow Device is Tested?

Most backflow prevention devices are located outside in warmer climates but indoors in inclement weather areas. In most circumstances, the backflow testing should only take a few minutes.  While the backflow test is being performed your water service will be momentarily closed, but will resume immediately following a successful test.

Why Should Martin Fire and Backflow Perform My Backflow Test?

Unlike general plumbing contractors, Martin Fire and Backflow specializes in backflow testing, repair and installation.  Our Backflow Prevention technicians perform backflow testing so efficiently that most clients won't notice a disruption to their water service.  And, in the case that your backflow device needs repairs at the time of the test, our team comes prepared with the tools and the expertise to diagnose and fix your backflow device in a timely manner. 

Martin Fire and Backflow is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. (Off on Sundays)  Call, Fax or E-mail to schedule your backflow test today!